December 24, 2006

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The TeenFeetUSA Year in Review

Do you remember the last newsletter of 2005? In it I said 2006 would be a great year for footlovers and fans of TeenFeetUSA. I was pretty correct in my early observations. I said it would be a banner year for new models and great looking guys with incredible feet.

We reached two impressive milestones in 2006. First, we posted our 200th model. Then, we hit the 40,000 picture mark! So, let's go back and see what the past twelve months were like at TeenFeetUSA! Ready to review?

January started off with Joey. He was unlike any model we presented before. He's a dancer and was a natural in front of the camera. Turns out he was a giant hit too. Joey also came back to us later in April in a set featuring him sleeping with his bare feet sticking out from the covers. Joey's sets were also the first I shot for TeenFeetUSA. I was pretty happy with how both sets turned out!

Joey was the first new model of 2006

We kicked off the 2nd month with our first duo set of the year. Ayden and Remy loved removing each other's footware and playfully worshipped each other's feet. The two looked great together, as they licked each other's toes and soles in a very sexy set! We have added a lot of duo sets this year including a new set that just started featuring Marke and Aaron.

Remy said it tasted like chicken!

What would a year be here at TeenFeetUSA without us featuring some hot Euro boys? Our photographers make several trips across the pond each year, searching for sexy boys to bare their soles for us! Adam was just one of the hot Euro models we found on our last trip to Eastern Europe. He was fun to work with, and I told Zak if Adam is around on his next venture to Europe, he better not come back without a few more sets of him! Adam went up in March, what a great way to welcome Spring. 2006 was a great year for Euro models, look for great sets of Kamil, Robin, Peter, Michael, and more!

What a great body to go along with those feet!

Then, in April we debuted another new model, Lil' B. This kid took our subscribers (and ourselves) by surprise because Rex wasn't even going to submit him to us. We got so much email asking for more Lil' B after his first day on the site, we had Rex shoot about six or seven sets of him. Right now, you can see four complete sets of B. We'll toss in a few more sets in 2007, so don't worry, Lil' B will be around for a long time!

Lil' B was the surprise hit of 2006!

Cam is just plain sexy and he was another hot new addition in 2006. What a year it was for new models, and 2007 will be no different. Cam is 19, and turned a lot of heads when we posted his first set in June. We have another set of Cameron coming shortly, he gets totally nude and looks great rubbing one out! Cam, and his friend Poul (also new in 2006) were two hot models for a hot summer!

Cam bared his soles at the construction site.

Peter made his debut in 2005, but we had so many sets of him, they carried over into 2006. We have more so it won't be Peter-less 2007! What a cute guy, and his feet are amazing! I don't know one person who wasn't enamored with his pictures. He really makes for a great subject.

His feet are amazing!

With all the new models we feature, sometimes it's comforting to see an old friend revisited. We brought back Jeremiah to pose solo and we also featured him with another of your favorites, Ian Madrox. Jeremiah is making quite a dent in the industry, and is one of the most identifiable guys in gay twink porn.

Wasn't it great to see Jeremiah again?

Every once in awhile, a model comes along that you look at and say "he'll be huge." Meet Boomer, he's 18 and will be modeling for us for a long time. Actually, Boomer will be posing for all the sites here at Thexis. We have tons of sets of him, and he'll be featured in ToeGasms videos and other DVDs. He's a huge ham and loves posing. So get used to seeing Boomer, because he'll be a huge model for us in 2007.

Geat ready for Boomer and his big, sexy feet!

Sometimes we get lucky and find a guy with runway looks, Zack Randall. He is beautiful, there is no other way to describe him, he's a beautiful person. Featured on many websites, Zack might just be the hottest thing in porn. You'll only see his sexy feet here though. Wait until you see his boyfriend Casey. Look for him in 2007!

This set is just fucking HOT!

Below I picked the best and worst of the year, well, not exactly the worst, but you'll see what I mean...

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...It's got to be Kamil, "The Urban Jungle Boy". We got tons of email when he went live on the site. Do you agree? I know a lot of guys who'd say Lil' B is the sexiest new model of 2006. Some would say Joey, others say Jester, maybe Bam? Maxx Pound? Why not form your own opinion with a subscription and see for yourself?

The eyes are exotic, The body is tanned, the feet are simply sensual!

The "We Really need to check his ID" model...

Robin, and yes, he really is 18, kinda scary how youthful they're making eighteen year olds look these days. But we'll always bring you the hottest feet, the sexiest guys and scorching videos! Oops, I let something slip! you found out one of our surprises for 2007, we'll be adding MORE video updates! There's going to be some big changes coming real soon to ToeGa... errr... I mean

Robin's ID checked out!

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TeenFeetUSA... The Wrap Up

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Happy Holidays and have a GREAT New Year!



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